Written by Maxine Kruger

Applying to a university (regardless of your age) is at once very exciting, yet nerve-wracking.  Many students spend hours trolling through endless pages on the internet trying to find a degree path that will “set them apart” from the rest.  Before you know it, you are pages deep in confusion and filled with anxiety because you can’t find anything that “speaks” to you.

There are 1000s of wonderful degrees out there that you have not thought about yet. The possibilities are endless and evolving daily.  Here are a couple of interesting and “cool” majors that perhaps have not occurred to you yet:

  • Ethical Hacking at Coventry University based in the UK
  • Surf Science and Technology at Plymouth University based in the UK
  • Petroleum Engineering at Edith Cowan University based in Australia 
  • Equestrian Psychology and Sports Science (Ever dreamt of becoming a horse whisperer? Well now’s your chance!) at Nottingham Trent University based in the UK
  • Electronic Music and DJ Practice at SAE (School of Audio Engineering) based in Australia
  • Peace & Conflict Studies at Trinity College Dublin based in Ireland
  • Nautical Archaeology at the University of Southampton based in the UK
  • Veterinary BioScience at University College Dublin based in Ireland

It’s important to remember what matters most to you when researching possible degree choices. It’s wise to think about the course that is the most sustainable in the job market, niche enough to allow you to stand out, and also one that is possibly lacking in your home country. Bringing your degree and experience back to your home country is an important aspect because you want to be able to return home with the knowledge, confidence and know-how to implement what you’ve studied abroad.

Let IE Abroad assist you in finding a degree that is right for YOU. Contact us today to chat with one of our advisors who will guide you through the entire process. Team IE Abroad will assist you with finding a suitable course, a university that ticks all of your boxes in terms of location, ranking and any other requirements that you and your family might have.

Kindly note that the above-mentioned universities are not the only universities that we work with at IE Abroad. We have many fantastic universities with many, many courses that are incredibly interesting and that are also located all around the world.

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