Last week, I connected with charming ASU sophomore Logan Chang, to take a deeper dive into his life as a member of the university Greek Life community. Here are some highlights of the conversation we had, and his comments on his experience.


Tali Sulcas (TS): Logan, thank you for taking the time to do this.

Logan Chang (LC): Thanks for having me!


TS: Could you introduce yourself and tell us about your academic path at ASU?

LC: I am currently a sophomore majoring in biotechnology and molecular biosciences. I followed in my older brother’s footsteps, joining the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity in the fall of 2019. As of April 2020, I hold the position of chapter president of this organization, having been elected as such by my brothers in the fraternity.


TS: Wow, that’s incredibly impressive. What about the organization caught your attention, and catalyzed your first steps in Alpha Sigma Phi involvement?

LC: I attended the official IFC (Interfraternity Council) recruitment, and the gentleman at Alpha Sigma Phi stood out to me during tabling. They held awesome on campus events during rush week, like bubble soccer and corn hole at the Greek Leadership Village, and the members really showed me the kind of brotherhood that the fraternity values.


TS: Many students have concerns about finding “their people” in a new place. How does your involvement in Alpha Sig make up your community on campus? 

LC: Me personally, I got really lucky with my freshman year dorm mate who is from my hometown in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Me and him obviously got along well, and that was a good foundation, and we found friends together easily. My fraternity has introduced me to 100 plus gentlemen that I would’ve never known if I hadn’t rushed in the fall. I am grateful and feel lucky to call them my brothers.

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TS: It sounds like those friendships are truly invaluable. How do you think your experience of Alpha Sig at ASU is individual to the university?

LC: Every fraternity’s bonds are unique and endless. For example, an Alpha Sig at Clemson University would not feel the same about me as he would a Brother in his own chapter. ASU as a whole offers a diverse and dynamic group of students, and the nature of the on-campus demographic makes it easy to find the people you click with. Alpha Sig as a whole, is an organisation whose members are known to be gentlemen, on whatever campus they set foot. Our motto is “to better the man”. Mix together ASU’s diverse backgrounds of students from all over the US, and indeed the globe, with our organization’s leadership, academic excellence, and philanthropy, that is Alpha Sigma Phi at Arizona State.


TS: It sounds like Alpha Sigma Phi has really shaped your worldview. What are some integral lessons you carry with you as a result of your involvement?

LC: Alpha Sig teaches all of their new members to follow the five values that the Fraternity lives by Maintain silence, be charitable, strive for purity, earn the trust and respect of your peers through your actions, and maintain a strict commitment to the United States of America. I think each of these is applicable to my life, and I do my best to implement them in my everyday actions and decisions.


TS: What are some of your favourite memories you associate with your membership in Alpha Sig?

LC: Genuinely, every great memory that I have at ASU is with one of my brothers. From going to brotherhood events to running in a sorority sweetheart competition, to a crazy adventure in San Diego for Spring break…all of these memories are filled with joy. As we say, “there is never a dull moment when you are around your brothers”.


TS: I love hearing these stories, it’s really uplifting. What advice would you give to incoming college students, to find an organization that can give them the kind of experience you have had with Alpha Sigma Phi?

LC: Find the organization that most aligns with who you are, and what you want to be. College is your time to flourish and find out what you want to do with your life. You want to find a group of people who can nurture your happiness as well as your ambitions. I can say from my experience, that Alpha Sigma Phi at ASU was the right fraternity for me, but I can only speak from my own experience and would encourage every individual to have an open mind.

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Interview conducted by Tali Sulcas (Student Contributor)