UP Education is a boutique pathway provider offering international students pathways through partners in Australasia, Australia, New Zealand, and some neighboring islands. UP education is partnered with University of Auckland, AUT University, Victoria University of Wellington, University of Tasmania, Swinburne University of Technology & Charles Darwin University. For over 20 years UP have equipped the next generation with skills and aptitudes that last a lifetime.

UP Education’s unique partnerships give students the opportunity to visit the neighboring islands as well as venture into the Asia continent and visit nearby countries like Papau New Guinea, Singapore, Vietnam and even Thailand. If international travel doesn’t interest you, the entire continent of Australia is there for you to explore as well as the picturesque landscapes and wildlife of New Zealand.

UP is capable of delivering all of their university pathway programmes online, and are available now. This is a highly effective way for students to continue or begin preparation for an English-speaking university in Australia and New Zealand.

Every year UP Education successfully transitions hundreds of students into universities. Talk to our study advisors today and let’s get you started on your journey to UP Education.