The Oxford International Education Group is a unique accredited education provider dedicated to creating life-enhancing experiences for students worldwide. They are partnered with Top Universities in the United Kingdom: De Montfort University, Leicester; The University of Dundee, Scotland;  University of Greenwich, London; and Bangor University, Wales.

Oxford International has grown in size and become a favourite of foreign students looking to study in the UK. Oxford offers a wide range of pathways that ease the transition from Secondary Education to Higher Education and beyond. After providing education to thousands of students for almost 2 decades, Oxford International has perfected how to prepare you for a well-round academic life away from your home country.

They have a vast array of scholarships which can continue as you move onto one of their partner universities. Oxford International creates life enhancing learning experiences helping students develop personally and professionally, enriching their future opportunities. Are you ready to take a step to greatness? Then, contact our study advisors and let’s get you started on your journey to Oxford International.