Find yourself dreaming about what it would be like to study in the USA? You aren’t the only one! The USA is the top most sought after country to study in and Imfundo Abroad can assist you to achieve your dream!

Benefits Of Studying Abroad In The USA:

  • Plain and simple good quality education. If you are unsure about what you would like to study (or major in) the USA lets you take unrelated random subjects in your first year. This means that even if you are wanting to become a doctor one day, you can still take pottery, just to double check that you don’t in fact wish to become an artist after all.
  • You are exposed to many different cultures and people in your class. As the USA is such a popular destination, you will find yourself surrounded by many different students from all walks of life. This means that you will have a mix of age groups in your class and not just the usual 18 year olds in first year. Due to this, you will most likely pick up parts of a new language as you will become close friends with somebody who has lived their entire life half way across the world from where you grew up. How exciting!
  • You will gain real life work experience whilst being a full time student. Legally, you are allowed to work 20hours a week whilst studying. This doesn’t only mean that you are building up a nice, well rounded CV whilst being a student but it also allows you to bring in some extra money.
  • If English happens to be your second, third or fourth language, fear not as when you have completed your degree, you will be singing and speaking English like the locals due to all lessons being taught in English when you do your degree, and before that you can take an English language course for 6 months with most of our USA university providers.

Which American Universities Do IE Abroad Represent?

How Do I Study In America?

If you would like to chat to the university directly and ask them questions, IE Abroad can arrange that for you, free of charge.

These universities are all highly ranked in their own right and we have an experience to suit every type of individual, all depending on what sort of student life you are looking for. If you are looking for a larger campus life vs. a smaller campus life then we will assist you in finding what is just right for YOU. Into sports but not sure which university offers your sport of choice? Let us help you find it! Are you a vegan maybe and want to go somewhere where food choices must be a top priority? We can help you find it!

If you wish to know more about studying in the USA or studying abroad in general, please contact us on or feel free to WhatsApp us +27 60 812 7080. We would like to encourage everybody to send us a quick WhatsApp if you would like quick and correct information.


IE Abroad International Study Advisors have offices all over the world and can help you in person or remotely (via Skype and/or WhatsApp) to submit a college or university application to any of our partners. This allows us to help you even if you do not live anywhere near where our offices are based. We work with fee-paying students (no scholarships are offered by us or our partners) and our services are completely free of charge. By using IE Abroad to submit your application you ensure you have a low risk of getting rejected compared to when students submit on their own. If you wish to study abroad please get in touch with us today to let us help you achieve your dream of studying abroad.