The International Business School has your future in mind and it will equip you with all of the necessary tools you may need to make your future a reality. The campus is located in the gorgeous city of Budapest in Hungary and the city has a vibrant culture.

Gain valuable skills from the university that will align with your goals and engage with multi-national companies as you further your education. By being in the presence of large corporates, you may sign up for internships which boost your CV and develop the many skills that you possess.

Explore the city and travel across Europe as you enjoy your student life as an international student.


We are deep into the digital age and the digital revolution has connected the world more than ever before. Companies are able to reach and engage individuals all over the world, products and services are being accessed from each corner of the globe, and most importantly, the world is evolving. IBS boosts a world-renown IT degree which has a strong business foundation. You will have highly sought after analytical skills and coding expertise, resulting in you being employable and a valuable member of the team.


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