Written by Lekan Olufeyisan

So you’ve received your Offer Letter, CAS or COE now you need to pass your credibility interview or GTE statement to prove you are indeed a genuine student.

The main purpose of the credibility interview and the GTE statement is to determine if you are genuine and to also assess the level of your English language proficiency. With this in mind, it is important for you to be able to clearly express yourself, your decisions, your research regarding your study, how you intend to fund your study and your future plan.

The following tips should guide you on how to answer likely questions and argue your case successfully.

Talk about the global recognition of the international degree, cultural diversity, the premium placed on international degree in your home country by employers and government agencies, the delivery of education and access to modern facilities compared to that of your home country. Also talk about living in the country, demonstrating your extensive research about the location, cost of accommodation, feeding, transportation fare etc. 


Talk about your academic background, your future or career plan and your goals. Ensure you have an in-depth knowledge of the course and the modules you will be studying. You may mention the modules that interest you the most. Also state what you intend to do after your study as relating to the course.


Here you need to tell how much you know about the school based on your research and also compare it with at least 2 other schools you have researched on, based on ranking, course modules, entry requirements, tuition, available scholarship/discount. Talk about the facilities in the school and focus more on the relevant ones as applied to your study. Ensure you are comparing your chosen institution with schools that have similar ranking.


State your source of income or funding and figures accurately. Declare family assets (landed properties), salaries, savings and investments. You not only need to show your financial abilities, but you need to show that you have strong ties to your home country.


Talk about your previous study and work experience, if any and relate them with your proposed course/program. There must be a progression but if not, you must be able to come up with convincing points why there is no progression. Discuss realistic career/salary goals. Find out about current salaries for similar positions you are aiming at in your home country.

If after your oral interview, the interviewer asked you how you feel about the interview, do not hesitate to state any issues encountered during the interview. State the audio was poor if it really was or if you had issue hearing clearly while the interview was on. 

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