Hillsborough Community College was founded in 1968 as a part of the 28-member Florida College System. With a dedication to creating an engaging learning environment, HCC ensures that students enjoy fulfilling college experiences beyond the classroom by engaging students in sporting events, performing and visual arts as well as with a variety of clubs and groups on each of their five campuses.

The Hillsborough Community College District includes five campuses, each with a unique identity reflective of the communities it serves. The classes are capped at 30 students in order to provide 1-on-1 learning scenarios, and students have opportunities for paid internships with local businesses.

The culture at HCC is one of a family-like environment. The college educates over 47,000 students each year with more than 190 academic options which are delivered by over 2300 dedicated faculty and staff members that are all focused on the students’ success and wellbeing.

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