Arizona State University (ASU) has 5 campuses and learning centers spread across Tempe, and greater Arizona. ASU has consistently bettered its teaching technique for over a century, and offers highly competitive programs.

ASU is ranked highly in the US and globally, and for the past 6 years ASU has been ranked #1 for Innovation by US News and World Reports, outranking the highly acclaimed Ivy League schools. With over 100,000 students enrolled, Arizona State University is a melting pot of students from a variety of nationalities and backgrounds, brimming with culture.
When you peruse LinkedIn, you will find ASU consistently in the top 10 list of universities for banking and technology hires.

ASU also boasts a wide range of programs, and are well known for their engineering, business, and design programs. The state of Arizona also has its own perks, you can experience winter and summer sports in a single day.

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