The University of Portsmouth has been running webinars over the last couple of months to assist people looking for more information on degrees and programmes at the university. Hosted by experts in their field from the university, the conversations covered career opportunities, coursework insights and the positive impact students will make on their communities.

Discover Civil Engineering with the University of Portsmouth
Civil engineers are key professionals within the construction industry and need to be well equipped through excellent education and training.

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Careers in Creative Technologies Webinar – Sub-Saharan Africa

Technology is forever advancing making our worlds more convenient. Not only that, video games, virtual reality and so forth has allowed us to engage with people all over the world and have fun whilst doing it. The University of Portsmouth has a remarkable programme for all creatives.
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Studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Portsmouth

Watch Dr Jovana Radulovic, Head of the School of Mechanical and Design Engineering, in exploring what is involved in a Mechanical Engineering degree.
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Social Work at the University of Portsmouth: What makes a successful application?

If your students are passionate about how to better the lives of others while developing new and interesting ways to deliver social services, already working in the field, or a graduate who wants to make a difference in social work, our BSc and MSc Social Work courses enable your students to develop and improve their professional skill set that will have a positive impact upon people’s lives.
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Studying Sport at University: What are my options? 

Sport Science covers many elements of sport, health and fitness including biomechanics, physiology, nutrition, psychology, and business, management and operations of elite sport.
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Study Psychology at the University of Portsmouth with Dr Eszther Somogyi

The subject of psychology is broad and covers areas such as natural and life sciences, social sciences, humanities, criminology, animal cognition and philosophy.
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Study Computing at the University of Portsmouth, with Dr Janka Chlebikova

Computing is helping find solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing the planet. A Computing degree is a future-proof qualification that will prepare your students for the economy and the job market of the future.
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Study Entrepreneurship at the University of Portsmouth with Nicholas Ford

People with business acumen & the ability to lead are always in high demand. Studying business, management & entrepreneurship at University can help you excel in the world of business & commerce.
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Study Accounting and Finance at the University of Portsmouth with Ian Toon

From the individual financial choices, we make each day to the big decisions that shape the success of the global economy, the subjects of Accounting and Finance deal with how money is made, spent, shared, recorded and managed.
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